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Darkest Of Days DEMO

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AlazarRamir said...
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Usually I cannot be arsed to try out a demo but for some reason I thought I would give this a little go. From the screenshots and the trailer that I saw, (which was only a brief glimpse) I got the impression it was a game that started off during Custer's last stand against the Indians. Then I blinked. Next thing I know the trailer is showing me Union troops versus Confederate soldiers. Did I miss something? How did that happen?

So I was curious. I downloaded the demo.

It started off just like the trailer. God there were so many indians. You KNOW you're going to die out there. Indians were coming out of the wood works and with you weilding only a six shot colt, you needed to fire and reload with the speed of a god. Still, it had to happen, an arrow found its mark. You were wounded, Custer finally cops it. Indians start scalping the dying. Man from the future emerges from a bubble to save your ass. Wait hold up?!

This is where I will admit it got really interesting. I am a man plucked from the past to be sent on missions in different time lines of the past to preserve the future. Ooooh... sounds deliciously interesting. The demo allowed me one more mission before I would have to wait for the game to come out in September in 20 days time. The timeline - the American Civil War. Do you know how frustrating it is to wield Civil war guns?! Reloading is a pain - because it has to be. Those days you fucked up a shot you were likely to never live to tell about it. I will have to say that the reloading in the game is novel. There is a progress bar that shows the duration of the reload. You can wait till it fills up completely and viola - but christ it can take a while. Or, if you can time it right, click in time when it flashes green and hey presto - early reload. Mess up and that gun jams long enough for the enemy to get a good deal of shots in (especially if they are lined up in front of you!)

The demo ended just after the mission. Which had me longing for more. It got really interesting and ended or the right note. So now I wait for the game to come out. I have heard there are missions in WW1 and WW2; Ancient Rome; the American Civil War; The Future. Possibly there are others. I am not certain but
who knows. But one thing I like about it is they give a history lesson about the mission you are about to get yourself into. And who says video games cannot be educational?
Darkest of Days

Darkest of Days (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 08/SEP/09
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Hmmm I remember hearing abou this game. So after reading about your demo I went off to look this game up, I'm interested. I'll have to get it for the 360. My poor PC wouldn't handle it...I so need a new one.
OOoh. I'm glad that at least i influenced one person to try it out - even if the PC could not handle it. Heh.
Well something about killing Ancient Rome with a shotgun sound awesome.
You betcha googlies it is! Come on September! Daddy's got a new toy he wants to buy!
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