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Enough is Never Enough...

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AlazarRamir said...
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More things to sink my teeth into. Some will most likely not suit my fancy. Others may not work. But who knows. The golden one may be amongst them.

Got 12 new titles that I want to have a gander at as soon as I can. Here comes the list:

1) Prey - Apparantly this belongs to my youngest brother but for some reason I saw it in my game pile. So... Though I have no recollection how I got there, it would be sin not to put it to good use.

2) Age of Pirates 2 - I have played Sid Meier's Pirates! and Swashbucklers and after reading some stuff about AoP2, it seems somewhat like it but more mysterious. Also tends to remind me a bit of Pirates of the Caribean

3) Day Watch - From what I gathered, it's an RPG based on the Movie (the sequel) and well... to be honest... it was the cover that got me most interested. Heh. God I'm shallow.

4) Death To Spies - I have been curious about this one for a while. A stealth game where you are required to kill spies? Sounds like its gonna be fun. Plus, I like the company that makes the game.

5) Romance Of The 3 Kingdoms XI - My reason for getting this... there are ELEVEN games of this title and I had NEVER picked up ONE! May as well see what its all about.

6) The Royal Marine Commandos - Meh, its an FPS. I like shooting things.

7) World War One - A strategy game based in WW1? This I would like to see. My curiousity hath been piqued.

8) The Last Remnant - My little brother wants this one mostly. However I am still in search of a good RPG. Preferably I would like turn-based interfaces, like the old Final Fantasy style games. However, if the game has a good story line. I am game for it.

9) Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island - Another FPS, but at least its not based around war. may be interesting.

10) Company Of Heroes: Tales of Valor - Probably already mentioned I was aiming for it. Probably also mentioned I won't be playing it till I beat the first game and the expansion pack. >.<

11) Exodus From The Earth - Whaddya know! Another FPS. This time though, from what I gathered, its a one man, blast everything that moves, game. Looking forward to it.

12) Cryostasis - An FPS (again) which my Gamer sense is telling me DO NOT PLAY IN THE DARK. So, guess I'll be trying it tonight.

Believe me, there will be more to add to this list at some point. I may have a problem. Just a little.

Prey (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 10/JUL/06
Death to Spies

Death to Spies (PC)

Genre/Style: Action/Stealth
Release Date: 16/OCT/07
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Turn-Based Strategy
Release Date:
The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 24/MAR/09
The Royal Marines Commando

The Royal Marines Commando (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Shooter
Release Date: 30/MAR/09
Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships

Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships (PC)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 26/MAY/09
Day Watch

Day Watch (PC-MAC)

Release Date:
World War One

World War One (PC-MAC)

Release Date:
Exodus From the Earth

Exodus From the Earth (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 28/OCT/08
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 08/APR/09
Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island

Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 29/JUL/08

Cryostasis (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 28/APR/09
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The last remant is a good one,kind of new battle system wich is good
I'll be giving it a try soon. Already had to abandon World War 1; The Royal Marine Commandos and Age Of Pirates. Wouldn't work.

Loving Prey, but its so mind warping!!
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